Constructed out of 100%
post-industrial recycled wood fiber
and formaldehyde-free resin;
Tableaux® is about 10% of the
weight of conventional wrought
iron - opening up limitless
possibilities for doors, windows,
ceilings, etc. Its is great solution
for those windows you don't
really need to cover but would
like to decorate in some way.
All of the Tableaux designs can be
requested in virtually any shape or
size.Custom design projects are
welcome. We can complement
the existing theme of your home
or business by matching
wallpaper, curtains, or fixtures.
We can even incorporate logos,
crests, or monograms into a
design. Visit our showroom to see
available designs.
Vignette Traditional Fold
Examples of Finishes
Many Designs Are Availalble for Tableaux® Faux Iron Art