Tall Windows Love Luminette® Privacy Sheers
Alustra® Luminette®
Privacy Sheers
Alustra® Luminette® Privacy Sheers with Wand Control
Luminette® Privacy Sheers are Great for Windows with a View
HunterDouglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers
Change the mood of your
room by choosing Luminette
Privacy Sheers®. Its sheer,
drapery-like covering has a
vertical design, especially
suited for larger, rectangular
windows. When fully open,
you'll enjoy a subdued view
of the outdoors. When
closed, its sheer fabric vanes
give you complete privacy.
Luminette makes a statement
in casual and formal rooms
alike. It's even available with
a room-darkening option,
Evening Star™, and you can
order extra fabric for
beautifully coordinated rooms.
General Product Guide
Styles: modern, contemporary
Best For: tall windows, sliding doors, whole
Single Shade Max.Size: 192" x120"
Function: traversing to sides, vanes tilt
sideways to open/close
Vane Sizes: 31/2" and 4 3/4"
Fabric Types: Sheers, solids, linens, open
Pricing: $$$$ (Luminette Privacy Sheers®)
$$$ (Park Lane® Privacy Sheers)
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks