Somfy Glystro Motorized Drapery Rods
Remote Controls Multiple Layers of Curtains and Shades in
Groups or Singly
Motorization Eliminates Cords to Enhance Child Safety
Motorization is Useful to Control Multiple
Shades in Taller Openings
Imagine Controlling Your Shades Just as You Do Your TV -
Can Be Incorporated into Most Home Automation Systems
Motorization is available for most window
covering options. Eliminate unsighlty and
dangerous cords. Allows multiple shades or
curtains to be controlled as a group or as
single units. Great for those windows that are
hard to reach. Add your window coverings to
your Home Automation System or your Home
Theater and have complete control.
Affordable battery systems and heavier duty
AC motors that may be controlled through
handheld remotes and wall switches. Radio
signal remotes mean you don't even have to
be in the room to close your shades.Timers,
light, wind, and temperature sensors can be
used when motorizing your window coverings.
Telis Pure 5
Chronis - (Timer
and Scenes)
Composio - 20
Motorized and Manual
Drapery Tracks
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