Pirouette Window Shades add Warmth to Rooms
Room Darkening Pirouette Window Shades
Pirouette Window Shades in a Modern Living Room
Pirouette Window Shades in a Contemporary Living Room
Inspired by the look of roman
shades, HunterDouglas
introduces the latest
innovation in window
e window
Uniquely designed with soft,
horizontal fabric vanes
attached to a single sheer
backing, Pirouette
shadings control light in an
entirely new way. Gently pull
on the operating cord and the
fabric vanes expand,
beautifully filtering the natural
light. Pull again and the vanes
contract, providing a clear
outside view.
General Product Guide
Styles: contemporary,modern,traditional
Best For: windows, sliding doors, French Doors,
windows with views
Single Shade Max.Size: 120" x120"
Function: rolls up into headrail, vanes contract
Vane Sizes: 4" and 5"
Fabric Types: Sheers, linens, solids, sublte designs
Pricing: $$$$
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks.