Motorized Roller Shade in Screen Material for
Extra Wide Window
Roller Shades are available in Many Different Types of Fabrics
Roller Shades are a great
option for South Florida
windows...especially those
where there are nice views.
Screen materials in different
openness factors block out
harmful UV light rays and
keep rooms cooler while
allowing you to enjoy your
views. Blackout fabrics are
especially useful for bedrooms
to get maximum room
darkness especially if used
with sidetracks. Decorative
fascia valances in 3" and 4"
are available to cover light
gaps and the roller shade.
Motorization for larger
shades is recommended for
ease of use.
Dual roller shade installations
are available where a screen
shade is used alongside a
blackout shade. Provides the
user the maximum control of
light and privacy.
General Product Guide
Styles: contemporary,modern, eclectic,oriental
Best For: windows with views, large windows,
sliding doors, rooms where blackout is needed
Single Shade Max.Size(without seam): 168"
x 110"
Function: rolls up or down
Fabric Types: Screens, blackout, vinyls, various
other materials
Pricing: $$$
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks.

SideTrack Close-Up for
Blackout Shades
Dual Roller Shades - Screen and Blackouts with Side Tracks
We offer the Industry First Dual Operation
Roller Shades. Use them as any manual
pull-down shade or use the remote and
conrol them electronically.
This is a Battery Operated Product without
any wires!!! Batteries are concealed within
the Roller Shade. We can do shades of
96 x 120 and soon even bigger!!! No
other motorized roller shade in the market
can be operated both manually and with
remote. Stop by our showroom to see this
New Product.