Silhouette® Bon Soir™(Room Dimming)
Alustra® Collection
Silhouette 4" Quartette® with
Beautiful Decorative Fabric Panels
Quartette® 4"with Specialty Eyebrow Top
Silhouette® window shadings with PowerRise® Motorization
Silhouette® window shadings
combine the light control of
a blind, the function of a
shade, and the softness of
a curtain. The soft,
adjustable fabric vanes are
suspended between sheer
fabric facings. When raised,
the entire shading disappears
into a sleek headrail. This
window covering treatment
features Silhouette window
shadings designed for large
windows available for
heights up to 120".
General Product Guide
Styles: modern, contemporary,traditional
Best For: windows, sliding doors, French Doors,
windows with views
Single Shade Max.Size: 120" x120"
Function: rolls up into headrail, vanes tilt to
Vane Sizes: 2", 2.5" (Nantucket®), 3" and 4"
Fabric Types: Sheers, linens, solids, sublte designs
Pricing: $$$$ (Silhouette shadings®) ,
$$$(Nantucket shadings
Average Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks.