Vignette Tailored Fold
Vertical Wave Andrea
Vertical Wave in Andrea Fabric
Silent Gliss Verticals Blind
Systems are available in two
styles - Vertical Waves and
Straight. The Wave Andrea
and Annika fabrics are a
stunning new category in
vertical blinds offering shapely
curves to add dimension and
interest to any opening or
space. The Maria fabric is a
straight version for a more
refined look suited for
residential and commercial
spaces. Offered in manual
systems as well as
motorized.. Curved
applications are possible with
this product as well.
General Product Guide
Styles: modern, contemporary,eclectic
Best For: tallwindows, sliding doors, ceiling mount
Single Shade Max.Size: 240" x192"
Function: stack sideways, rotate
Vane Sizes: 3.5" - 5"
Fabric Types: Annika and Andrea (shaped), Maria
(straight) - white color
Pricing: $$$$
Average Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks.

Silent Gliss Vertical Maria Fabric
Vertical Wave Andrea wih Curved Track