Original Wave Curtain in a Beautiful White Sheer
Wave XL by Silent Gliss
reflects the current trend
towards smooth rounded
forms and shapes in today's
interior design. It offers new
alternatives for high and large
application areas such as
lobbies, entrance halls,
reception areas, confence
and board rooms, bars and
restaurants as well as for
generously designed private
homes and lofts.
The new Wave XL is
available with the Silent Gliss
drapery track systems in
baton, cord or motorized
Also by Silent Gliss is the
regular Wave Curtains which
are the same S shaped
design but with a smaller
reveal perfect for most
Wave XL and Wave can be
made using the exquisite Silent
Gliss family of fabrics or any
other fabric.
Modern design has never had
a better choice for fabric
curtains...Wave Curtains.
General Product Guide
Styles: modern,contemporary, traditional
Best For: large openings, ceiling to floor
Single Max.Size: 228"x 120" (manual
systems- 17lbs.) 396" x 192" (motorized -
33lbs. max.)
Function: traverses to sides, one way or
center opening
Fold Sizes: Wave XL is 14" (needs total
of 16") , Wave is 3-6" depending on
Fabric Types: Sheers, linens, solids, silks
Pricing: $$$$$
Average Delivery Time: 5-8 Weeks.

Wave XL by Silent Gliss