Expressive Design Systems Inc.

Showroom 4724 SW 72 Ave. Miami, FL 33155

Factory 7388 NW 8 St. Miami, FL 33126



Commercial / Professional Account Registration


Date: _______________


Business Name: ______________________________________ Business Type ___________


President/Owner: ____________________________________

Business Type: Sole Proprietorship _____ Partnership _____ Corporation _____

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Fax: ____________________________

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State Sales Tax ID#: _____________________________ Established Since: ______ FL ASID#:______

(please provide copy of your Sales Tax Certificate)

Trade References:

Name ___________ Address Phone# Account#









Trade Discount Added:________ Estimates/Invoices given to designer and client with a trade discounts added. Commission (trade discounts) to be paid directly to designer by us confidentially. Sales Tax applies. Designer to get IRS1099 form from us at year-end for commission payments. Designer to fill out W-9 Form . Invoices to be paid to us by client. Products have different trade discounts.

Cost Basis: ________ Designer is charging his/her client a pre-established commission rate or hourly rate on everything they buy through the designer. Both parties receive same estimates/invoices with our regular pricing. Designer is paid commission/hourly rate by client. Client pays our invoice directly to us. Trade discounts are passed on to client. Sales Tax applies.


Designer Reselling: _________ Estimates/Invoices given to designer only for him/her to resell to client. Client never receives pricing. Designer pays our invoices and gets trade discounts. Sales tax charged unless Florida Sales Tax Certificate is on file. Trade discounts available only with valid Sales Tax Resellers Certificate or ASID Number.


Ownership of all materials sold will remain under Expressive Design Systems until fully paid. Any invoices remaining unpaid may be collected through or on demand of an attorney/collection agency. All collection and legal fees incurred during collection will be paid by purchaser. 50% Deposit required on all orders unless specified otherwise. Deposits not refundable if customer cancels or changes orders once materials have been cut. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged property occurring during installations or deliveries. Variation in color dye lots, natural imperfections in some materials, factory or weather related delays will not be accepted as valid reasons for cancellation or non-payment. Quotes valid 30 days only.


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